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Live a modern life of a white knight in full glory, nobility and from the heart!

I am a White Knight in the Kingdom of Heart!

The distinct personality, White Knight, might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. Don Quixote was a White Knight as was Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. A White Knight expects nothing in return for his good deeds. He is one of the true "Givers" of the world. He is the anonymous philanthropist who shares his wealth, his time and his life with others. A White Knight protects the weak, the children and the women from cruelty and injustice. To give, is its own reward and as a White Knight he seeks no other. 

Courage - Justice - Mercy - Generosity - Trust - Integrity - Nobility - Inspiration

are the values White Knights live by.

There is still a medieval personality within everyone. This personality, properly identified and understood, liberates your powers, motivates, encourages, and ultimately fulfills dreams and destiny. 

Before I discovered my true personality I was following the path of a Black Knight. Driven and formed by the environment I was working in, the financial industry, I chose to approach each task or situation as a contest to be won strategically and efficiently. Because I could control my feelings, it was not unusual for me to charm, as well as successfully delegate tasks and responsibilities to the more emotional types. I was often concerned with what's in it for me. I seldom involved myself in activities where I could not foresee a reward for my investment or effort. On the positive side, I can be analytically empathic and logically persuasive. On the negative side, I may be unemotionally manipulative as well as impulsive. 

Interestingly, whichever path you choose, each preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms. The difference is in your authenticity. Whether you are a Black or a White Knight, a Dame or a Minstrel, a Queen or a King, standing in and acting from your full authenticity is most powerful, effective and fulfilling. The biggest impact you have on the world is from this place. Other places will be unmasked as role play, fake, inauthentic, not believable, not trustworthy and carry many more undesirable effects.

I am a White Knight in the Kingdom of Heart, and I may serve you as your path finder, be it as a coach, mentor or advisor!

What are you?

Your Benefits from the Kingdom of Heart:

You will identify and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or professional, you will build effective teams, manage and lead great businesses and succeed in new roles and careers.

You will use me as a soundboard for anything that needs to be heard and said.

You will improve results in a sustainable way.

You will explore perspectives, gain focus and clarity, and then address issues, beliefs, behaviors or mindset, and create a strategy for change.

Your life will change to the better. You will feel (again). You will be happier. You will be fulfilled. You will (re)discover your heart and live through it. You will (re)discover love and life and have a positive impact on your relationships.


If you are not open and willing to find your true path and work on change, I will swiftly cut with my knightly sword through made up tales. If my coaching sounds like something that you want, then I will be happy to serve you. If this does not sound valuable, then I wouldn't even dream of wanting you to part with your time and money.
Don't waste your and my time. There are other people out there who are committed to finding and walking their path through change.

"...the biggest mistake you can make is to accept your beliefs without challenging them, without applying the scientific method to see if they are, in fact, true. And many of the men, she said, were assuming that they had to do things a certain way: ignore passion in favor of safer bets, act stoic amid inner turmoil, run on an upward trajectory of success and money acquisition at any emotional cost. But these are not rules. These are just theories that haven’t been tested..." | The New York Times

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Courage - Justice - Mercy - Generosity - Trust - Integrity - Nobility - Inspiration